Speechelo review 2021

Speechelo Review 2021- Beware before you signup!!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a video creator or business owner looking to create excellent voice-overs for your videos.

After all, your videos will fail to convert, generate traffic, generate leads, or generate sales without a powerful voice to your videos.

Storytelling is the key to selling and evoking emotion in people. That is why Hollywood is so big!

Speechelo review 2021
Speechelo review 2021

However, in business, you can’t make a good sales video, training video, or educational video without a good voice-over.

But the problem is that not everyone has a fantastic voice.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably:

  • Be hesitant to record your voice-over. OR
  • You don’t know enough English to record a voice-over. 
  • Or perhaps you don’t have a good microphone or the necessary equipment to create high-quality voice-overs.

And this is where Speechelo comes in with its amazing voice-over quality.

They claim to be able to convert any text you can think of into a completely human sounding voice with just a few clicks.

The article Speechelo review 2021 will cover every aspect of this software- The best text to speech software.


Why should you trust me? (My qualifications)

If you have never used this product, you may be wondering why you should believe anything I say about it. I feel qualified to write this review because I have already purchased and used the software for some time now.

I have been using this tool for various purposes, particularly for my video projects that span across multiple genres. While there are other options in the market (which we will discuss later), I particularly like the features of this tool.

What is Speechelo?

What is Speechelo?
What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech AI software. It is designed by Blaster Suits to give a human touch to artificial robotics voices. Speechelo provides you with authentic human sounding voices.

It is the only software currently available in the market that adds inflections to the voice.

Why do you even need such software?

The main problem for many of us is not the video content creation part but adding voice-over to it.

However, you can hire people from freelance platforms to do the same work with two problems. First, quality voice-over artists can be expensive & second, Delivery of the voice-over will take some time.

Advantages of using a quality voice-over tool like Speechelo:

Uses of Speechelo
Uses of Speechelo

More Views: A good voiceover will captivate your viewers and keep them watching your video until the end!

More Subscribers: The best part about having more subscribers is that they will be notified whenever you post a new video.

More Sales: A good voiceover will increase your sales. Additionally, the ability to create voiceovers instantly allows you to test multiple scripts and find the best performing one.

Save TIME: You will have to WAIT for the freelancers to record and deliver the voiceover, which can take up to a week…

Most importantly, you will save thousands of dollars on voiceover artists and freelancer fees! 

Not to mention the possibility that you will NOT LIKE the end result…

Is Speechelo a good software?

The use of voice-over software has gone up significantly. You may have seen some educational, training, or explanatory videos with millions of likes and views that feature a robotic voice-over.

Consider the same content in a more humane tone.

To create humanized voice-overs, certain human emotions are required, such as tonality, fluency, breaks, breathing, and many other factors.

Speechelo has succeeded where most services have failed. It is the first software to actively use an AI engine to generate human sounding voices from written texts.

I am pretty impressed by the quality of voice it delivers. However, let me admit that there is currently no software or tool in the market that can perfectly replicate all the inflections & nuances of the human voice. 

However, Speechelo is the best available in the market.

Speechelo Voices:

Speechelo Voices
Speechelo Voices

Let’s look at the voices that are available to you. There are few options available to you at first glance or after you make a purchase. Even so, they are beneficial.

You will be able to use both male and female voices. You will come across other languages that are the most popular and spoken worldwide. This includes German, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and other languages.

Because this is a cloud-based tool, updates are made regularly. As a result, with new updates come new languages.

Speechelo users can choose between two plans. They are available at various prices. With the Standard plan, you can use up to 30 different sounds in 23 or more languages. The Pro version is more expensive, but the advantage is that you get more languages & variations.

Speechelo Dashboard:

Speechelo dashboard
Speechelo dashboard

Aside from the available languages, consider some of the tool’s other useful features. This software is straightforward to use right away. The dashboard is easy to find, and the instructions for creating your audio are simple.

If you look at the dashboard, you’ll notice that the voices are available in the lower right corner of the interface. Because this requires text to generate the voices, you’ll quickly figure out where to paste it.

It is extremely simple to create audio. Once you’ve pasted the text you want to convert, click a button to get right to work.

Speechelo Pricing:

To use the Speechelo pro, you need first to buy the Speechelo Standard version, and then, later on, you can get it upgraded to Speechelo Pro.

Speechelo StandardSpeechelo Pro
One Time Payment – $47Quaterly Payment – $47
60 days money-back guarantee60 days money-back guarantee
Speechelo Pricing

Speechelo Features: What Can You Do with Speechelo?

Speechelo features
Speechelo features

Voice type & tonality:

Speechelo enables you to use over four different voice types, including male and female voices and children’s voices across both genders because the target audience could be an adult, or the content could be gender or age-specific.

Then there’s Tonality. Your content may require a neutral, friendly, or serious tone depending on the topic.

Speech Engines:

Speechelo engine
Speechelo engine

You can choose between two speech engines: an artificial intelligence and a standard engine. The former can quickly create a voice-over without any user input or suggestions.

On the other hand, their standard engine gives you more control over the development of the voice-overs.


Speechelo provides 30 different voices in 24 languages, including English. Upsells, which are available quarterly, provide access to additional languages and features.

Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Welsh are among the languages included with the basic purchase.

Device compatibility: 

Speechelo works perfectly with almost all the operating systems like Windows 7/8/10, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS X, etc. 

Platform compatibility: 

Similarly, the software service is compatible with almost all the web browsers for PC, Mac, and other operating systems. It doesn’t have any plugin or extension to be installed in the browser, making it easier even for a novice user to use this program without any hassle.

Other features:

  • The only software that adds inflections in the voice
  • Delivers output in just 3-steps
  • Works with any video creation software like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, etc.
  • Option to add breathing & pause to the script
  • Possible to emphasize on certain words in the script & also adjust the speech 
  • Adjust tone, volume, speaking rate & pitch
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Affordable pricing

3 -step working process of Speechelo:

The working process of Speechelo is straightforward to understand, so the user who tries this application for the first time will get familiar with its interface quickly. 

Here is the 3-step process that describes how you can use Speechelo:

Step 1 – Paste Your text.

Simply paste the text you want to change into their online text editor. The AI engine of Speechelo will check your text and add all the punctuation marks required to make the speech sound natural.

Step 2 – Choose a language and Voice.

Speechelo provides you with over 30 different voices to choose from. You can listen to each Voice and choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can also include breathing sounds, long pauses in the speech and even change the tone of the speech to Serious, Joyful, or Normal.

Step 3 – Generate & Download

Your voice-over will be ready in less than 10 seconds. You can directly play the voice-over from Speechelo to see if you like it or if you want to try a different voice.

All that remains is for you to DOWNLOAD your brand-new voice-over and use it in your projects.

That’s all about the working process of Speechelo. It is very easy to follow and understand for everyone. After conversion, users will get an MP3 file that contains the converted speech. 

The size of this file depends on the length of text that was typed or selected for conversion. If users have any questions or concerns while using this software, they can contact the customer service department, which is available all day long.

Speechelo Pros and cons:


1- Speechelo is very easy to use. The three-step working process is straightforward so that even a beginner can understand it without any difficulty.

2- It has a user-friendly interface, making the conversion process enjoyable and less time-consuming.

3- Speechelo supports 24 different languages with 30 voices. The pro version offers the same number of languages but in 100 voices.

4- The quality of the voice-over is very realistic.

4- The customer service department is available all day long if users face any problems using this application.

5- Files converted with Speechelo are high quality and do not contain any background noise or distortion.

6- It is a cloud-based tool and can be accessed remotely.

7- It is affordable & gets work done quickly.

8- Speechelo is sold via ClickBank; therefore, your transactions are secured, a reliable partner for online transactions.

9- You can also include breathing sounds and longer pauses after each phrase.

10- Speechelo is the only text-to-speech app that incorporates voice inflections, making it an excellent choice.


1- The major downside that I felt was the accent of many languages. They are not up to the mark. Also, there are only 30 languages available to choose from.

2- You cannot have more than 700 words per voice-over in the standard version.

3- Additional options like commercial license, background music library, and more voices are only available in the pro version.

4- Speechelo does not provide a free trial period. Speechelo does not offer a free 14-day trial like most software. However, you are entitled to a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it after using it, you have 60 days to request a refund.

5- It may be difficult to monetize- It may be difficult to use Speechelo to make money by selling voice-over services directly. Numerous freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork offer voice-over services using real human voices. The voice quality of Speechelo cannot be matched to that of an actual human. The technology has not yet advanced far enough to replace the human voice fully.

6- You can download the file only in mp3 format.

Speechelo Standard VS Pro Version

Speechelo Standard VS Speechelo Pro version
Speechelo Standard VS Speechelo Pro version

What does Speechelo cost?

Speechelo is available in two versions: Standard and Professional. A Standard version is an excellent option for personal use, while the Pro version includes additional features that make it perfect for business or professional use. 

The $47 fee is for the pro version of Speechelo, which allows you to use it for three months without interruption.

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Speechelo Standard and Speechelo Pro.

Speechelo Standard:

– Personal use only

– 30 voices in 24 languages

– Supports 700 words per voice-over

– Low price

Speechelo Pro:

– Business or professional use only

– 100 voices in 24 languages

– Includes additional features such as background music library, commercial license, longer voice-over.

– They even provide training on how to find and convert clients.

– Higher price

FeaturesSpeechelo StandardSpeechelo Pro
PriceOne time payment of $47Quaterly payment of $47
Languages24 languages including English 24 languages including English
VoicesAround 30 voicesAround 100 voices
Voice-over lengthMaximum 700 wordsCreate longer videos up to 2800 words
Character limits per script500020000
Commercial LicenseNoYes
Background music tracksNoYes
BonusesNoneEbook-Voiceover cash machine
Campaign supportNoYes
Speechelo Standard VS Speechelo Pro

So, which Speechelo version is correct for you? 

If you’re looking for a text-to-speech converter that is affordable and easy to use, Speechelo Standard is the perfect option. However, if you need additional features like a background music library, commercial license, and longer voice-over, the pro version is best for you.

While the price of the Speechelo pro is higher than that of the standard version, the fact that you get new voices and convert longer words makes this software worth your time and money.

I recommend that one begin with the standard plan and not rush into purchasing the pro plan without thoroughly researching it.

And no matter which Speechelo version you choose, you’ll be able to convert any text into speech.

Consider the pro plan to be designed solely for business purposes or customers who frequently post videos on social media.

Who is Speechelo for?

Speaking of Speechelo, I’ve already covered a lot of reasons why people should use it. Speechelo will be very useful to the following people:

  • Content creators
  • Internet marketers
  • Podcasters and video marketers
  • Owners of businesses and agencies
  • Marketer on social media
  • Freelancers.

Who is Speechelo Not For?

If you want to make a lot of money, Speechelo isn’t for you. Speechelo isn’t going to help you make a lot of money because it’s just software that enables you to create content.

It may not be easy to utilize it to sell voice-over. Firstly, people don’t pay much for voice-over work for videos done by freelancers. They also look for a genuine human voice.

Speechelo promises to be able to imitate an authentic human voice. However, it isn’t the same. People can still tell the difference if they pay attention.

Speechelo Alternatives:

Speechdio: Speechdio offers an AI-based voice generation engine, unlimited usage rights, and training videos. Over 100 human voices in multiple languages and 100 harmonized background tracks. The only downside as compared to Speechelo is its one-year package of $37/month & up to 800 words per script length.

Talkia: Talkia doesn’t restrict the number of words you can convert to text in a month. Talkia Enterprise offers the largest number of voices and background music options. Customer support is highly responsive with a dedicated ‘knowledge base’ to resolve common queries and basic troubleshooting. There’s a 30-day refund policy available with all subscriptions. Talkia can be considered the best of the lot if you want stable downloadable software to work on. 

Synthesys: Unlike the AI-generated voices of Speechelo and Speechdio, Synthesys offers real voices from 8 real voice-over artists. They offer credit-based voice-over rendering services, which include 30,000 credits where each credit stands for a single character. You can purchase more credits within the software in pre-determined packages. For $67, about an hour of voice-overs can suffice for at least 50+ voice-over requirements, considering that ad copies and read-out-loud rarely extend beyond a minute or two. There’s a 60-day refund policy in place, both when you purchase the service and later if you are buying credit packages. Customer support is readily available.

Speechelo Scam or Legit?

Speechelo is undoubtedly not a scam. I think it is a legit tool where you can easily convert text-to-speech within a few minutes. 

The software has received a lot of positive feedback and testimonials. As evidenced by the success stories, Speechelo is unique and legitimate.

I have heard so many stories of Speechelo being a scam or not working at all. However, it is one of the best tools in the market for purchasing this kind of service. On top of that, they have a 60-days refund policy if you are not satisfied with the service.

Some people call it a scam because not everyone can make money with Speechelo. After all, it’s just software that aids in converting text to voice. It is not a business model that will directly assist you in making money.

Speechelo reviews by real users:

  • Speechelo Standard VS Speechelo Pro version

Speechelo Review 2021- Final Verdict:

This was Speechelo’s honest review after using the tool by myself. Speechelo is an excellent tool for converting the script into an audio version that anyone can easily use without facing any difficulties. The application is user-friendly and easy to understand. Most but not all voices are of high quality and sound human-like. There is still room for improvement, but Speechelo is superior to alternative solutions.

  • Product name- Speechelo
  • Website link- https://speechelo.com/· Target audience- Content creators, Internet marketers, Podcasters and video marketers, Owners of businesses and agencies, Marketer on social media, Freelancers.
  • Features- 4.9/5
  • Ease of use- 4.8/5
  • Value for money-5/5 
  • Overall Rating-4.8/5

I hope this article has been informative and helpful!  Do let me know your views about Speechelo software in the comment section.

Speechelo FAQ:

How do I use Speechelo?

Speechelo is easy to use- simply type or paste the text you want to convert into the Speechelo, and select the voice you want to hear. You can also adjust the speed and volume of the speech output.

Can I use Speechelo to create audio files?

Yes, Speechelo allows you to create audio files in MP3 format.

How many languages does Speechelo support?

With the standard edition of Speechelo, you may choose from 23 different languages. The Pro subscription increases the number of voices in most major languages from 30 to 100; however, the languages remain 23 only.

Is Speechelo for Free?

No! Speechelo is not for free and also it do not provide any free trail. You will need to buy Speechelo Standard version to begin with. Later on, you can upgrade it to Speechelo Pro version.

Does Speechelo offer free updates?

Free updates are available from Speechelo. Because it’s a cloud-based software application, you’ll be able to use them right away when you log in to the web app after the server is updated.

How accurate is it?

The accuracy of the text-to to speech converter entirely depends on the quality of the written script. The audio version will also have minor mistakes if the text has minor mistakes. However, if the text is error-free, the converted audio version will also be without errors.

Is Speechelo a monthly subscription?

If you are reading this article in December 2021, then you can purchase the standard version of Speechelo at a one time payment cost of $47. No monthly fee required.

Is Speechelo Pro a monthly subscription-based service?

You are not supposed to pay on a monthly basis. You will be charged $47 per quarter and have the option to cancel at any time.

Is it user-friendly?

Speechelo is a user-friendly software that anyone can access without prior knowledge or experience. The website layout is very simple and easy to understand, making it easier for people to get what they want without any difficulty. The software’s working is also very easy and can be operated by anyone without going through any complex steps.

Is it possible to download Speechelo crack for free?

You might find few articles or videos online luring you with Speechelo crack versions or offering Speechelo pro free download. But do not fall for them. Buy the legitimate tool from their official website. It costs less than $50 for standard version which is a one time payment.

Can I use Speechelo on YouTube?

Yes, you can use Speechelo to create videos for YouTube. Just convert the subtitles into the voice-over & then use it for YouTube videos.

Who are the target audiences?

Speechelo uses a text-to-speech converter to convert written scripts into an audio version. It’s perfect for-

  • Content creators
  • Internet marketers
  • Podcasters and video marketers
  • Owners of businesses and agencies
  • Marketer on social media
  • Freelancers.

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